Adrenaline 7


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Oct 28, 2011
بعد از کلی بی خبری ادرنالین 7 هم منتشر شد تمرکز این انتشار برای اجرای بازی ها روی رزولوشن NATIVE هست.

  • Before you start make sure that you have​
    • Adrenaline 7 or higher.​
    • The option Recovery Menu->Advanced->Advanced configuration->Force high memory layout DISABLED.​
    • All plugins in ux0:pspemu/seplugins/game.txt and ux0:pspemu/seplugins/vsh.txt disabled (you can gradually enable them if you think they should not interfere with GePatch. Please be aware that plugins that print stuff to the screen may not be visible with GePatch since the framebuffer is redirected.​
  • Download ge_patch.prx and copy it to ux0:pspemu/seplugins/.​
  • Write this line to ux0:pspemu/seplugins/game.txt (ux0:pspemu is mounted as ms0: in the PSP emu):​
    ms0:/seplugins/ge_patch.prx 1

    You can also do the same change in file ux0:pspemu/seplugins/vsh.txt to get a XMB in higher resolution, but be aware that the VSH menu will be invisible.​
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