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کاربر سایت
Apr 8, 2008

Developer: Arkane Lyon
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Genre: FPS, Action-Adventure
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5
Release Date: September 14

امتیازات ثبت شده:
NME 10/10
IGN 10/10
Gamespot 10/10
Gamebyte 10/10
PC GamesN 10/10
Imoulse Gamer 10/10
VG247 10/10
Player2 10/10
PSU 10/10
The Gamer 10/10
The Sixthaxis 10/10
VGC 10/10
ZTGD 9.5/10
God Is a Geek 9.5/10
PlayStation Lifestyle 9.5/10
Gameninformer 9/10
Wellplayed 9/10
PC Invasion 9/10
Gamer.no 9/10
GRYOnline.pl 9/10
Bazicenter 9/10
Windows Central 9/10
Hardcore Gamer 9/10
XGN 9/10
Hey poor player 9/10
Hobby Consoles 9/10
Multiplayer.it 9/10
Press Start 9/10
Shacknews 9/10
Tierragamer 9/10
Areajugones 9/10
Attack of the fanboy 9/10
Ausgamers 9/10
IGN Italia 9/10
Game pro 9/10
Gamerant 9/10
Gamesradar 9/10
MGG Spain 9/10
The Games Machine 9/10
Malditosnerds 9/10
CaroleQuintaine 9/10
COGConnected 9/10
Comicbook 9/10
Destructoid 9/10
Android Central 9/10
Games.ch 8.9/10
Noisy pixel 8.5/10
Stevivor 8.5/10
True gaming 8.5/10
Vandal 8.5/10
CG Magazine 8.5/10
Spaziogames 8.2/10
Everyeye.it 8.2/10
Easy Allies 8/10
We got this covered 8/10
Inverse 8/10
Gameblog.fr 8/10
Jeuxvideo 8/10
Shindig 8/10
Checkpoint gaming 8/10
Push Square 8/10
Games.cz 8/10
IGN France 8/10
Gaming Bible 8/10
Eurogamer.it 8/10
Gamemag 8/10
Gamingtrend 8/10
Millenium 7.5/10
Gamingbolt 7/10
Metro 7/10
Screenrant 7/10
Game pressure 7/10
Gamers Heroes 6/10

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The hardest battles are fought in the mind
ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
Power Unlimited 83
Deathloop chooses to keep an ambitious and unique premise playable and that sometimes hinders your mental freedom of movement. However, it manages to keep a game in which repetition is ingrained, entertaining, fascinating and often intense.

Gamer.nl 85
Deathloop is a bizarre fever-dream that's too fun to wake up from. An absurd, retrofuturistic murder-mystery where you don't solve the murders, but commit them. Leave it to Arkane Studios to make such a surreal world feel real.

Worth Playing 85
Deathloop is an engaging and enjoyable game that manages to capture the feel of Dishonored in a more fast-paced adventure. The unique setting and engaging concept carry the game through the repetitive nature of the gameplay. The multiplayer at the center of the story is more of a mixed bag but still intriguing enough to be memorable. Some annoying bugs drag down the experience. If you liked Dishonored but wished it were less about stealth and more about blowing things up, then Deathloop is the game for you. Just be prepared to die again and again.

Merlin'in Kazanı (Turkey) 85
Deathloop is not only this year, but one of the most original and different productions we have come across recently. It is really enjoyable to see the map in different ways at different times of the day and to try to complete this big puzzle with the clues you find.

GameSpew 90
There’s a hell of a lot to love about Deathloop. It’s seriously slick; taking control of Colt as he runs, slides, sneaks or climbs through an environment feels incredible. It’s a game that entrusts players to engage with its systems in their own way, and while you’ll never be at a loss on what to do, you won’t have your hand held, either. It’s fast, it’s smooth, it’s incredibly good fun. Chances are, you really won’t want the loop to end.

PlaySense 80
New and refreshing, Arkane Studios delivers quite a unique experience with Deathloop. Expert level design, interesting targets and a wide variety of gameplay options make for one hell of a title. And it looks great to boot! Some technical imperfections should be mentioned, however… as well as the bit underwhelming experience that is playing as Julianna. Nothing is perfect though, right?

Telegraph 100
For all of its complexities under the hood, Deathloop is Arkane’s most accessible game yet and elicits constant satisfaction. The action is a pleasure, while its main drive has you constantly picking up pieces of an unknown puzzle that are pieced together in separate chunks, before the frisson of excitement when the full picture starts to form. What’s extraordinary is how Arkane make it seem so easy. Blockbuster game-making at its smartest and most essential.

Atomix 92
Deathloop is one of the most complex and elegant ways of video game design. Arkane Studios reinvented their own formula in an impressive new immersive sim title.

Dexerto 90
Deathloop expertly blends genres for a truly unique experience that delivers on its brilliant premise. Whether you’re sneaking around enemies, battling other players in surprise PvP shoot-outs, solving environmental puzzles, or uncovering clues to solve the mysteries of Blackreef island, it’s almost impossible to avoid Deathloop’s charm.

Het Nieuwsblad 100
Is Deathloop perfect? For that, the story is a bit too slow to start, at times you are led by the hand just a little too much, and there were still too many bugs in our review copy. But that can be solved with patches and updates, and the pace does not detract from this intelligent and well-crafted murder puzzle. Let's hope it's the first of its kind.

VideoGamer 80
If there is something lacking in Deathloop, it has to do with emotional staying power. As one egghead, in a scratchy projector film, began to unreel the mythology (“Long ago, the isle of Blackreef experienced a cataclysmic event which tore the fabric of”—and so forth), I realised that I couldn’t care less. Blackreef can go hang. I suspect that the only things that will stick with me—the only things coated with enough Residuum to survive a hard reset—are Colt and Julianna. And maybe that isn’t all bad news. I may replay it at some point, and when I do I’ll be even more like Colt, waking on a beach with the vague prickle of familiarity, and the need to break free.

Twinfinite 90
Deathloop is still signature Arkane in terms of exemplary immersive-sim design, reminiscent of BioShock and Dishonored, but it also puts a giant smile on your face each and every time you play.

Trusted Reviews 90
Deathloop is one of the most innovative games from a major publisher that I’ve ever played, using the time loop mechanic to fantastic effect. With lots of clever puzzles and engaging combat, as well as a genius multiplayer element, this is one of the best games of 2021 yet.

Cultured Vultures 85
Deathloop is an awesomely entertaining ride with stealth and puzzle elements that help make it feel like the big crazy sci-fi adventure it wants to be.

EGM 100
Deathloop layers a refined take on Arkane’s signature mix of ability-driven action and stealth onto a time-looping premise, and the result is one of most memorable games of recent years. While many of the pieces may be familiar, the combination is fresh and full of surprises.

IGN Spain 80
Those of us who love to get into the game, learn more about its world and eavesdrop, read emails on terminals and rack our brains to get into places without being shot at, are in luck: with Deathloop we have a great game for a while.

Digital Chumps 100
Deathloop is a fascinating and brilliant game. It subverts expectations out of the gate, providing players with a deep mystery that is solved by compelling, diverse gameplay. While being similar to Arkane’s previous work, it is almost like anything else you may have played while still housing familiar, recognizable elements. A whirlwind of intrigue, action, and style crafts Deathloop into a melting pot of smart, bold choices. Thankfully, Deathloop transcends its shackles as an amalgamation of “Arkane’s Greatest Hits” by offering players a thrilling take on shooters. Combat puzzles involving webs of untruths and harrowing escapes turn Blackreef into a time loop you won’t want to break from. And a definitive candidate for one of the best shooters in years.

Digital Trends 70
Deathloop is a tremendously stylish stealth-action game that builds on Arkane's strengths, even if some of its creative gambles fall flat.

Gamer.no 90
Playing Deathloop is a joy in almost every way. Arkane Studios has successfully built upon what made their earlier games good and made something that feel both unique and stylish.

Malditos Nerds 87
A game with a remarkable finish that we will enjoy and remember. A good buy, highly recommended for lovers of the genre. It is well cared for at all levels.

Games.cz 80
Arkane serves a successful evolution of their older concepts, which will entertain with variability, delight with stylization and excite with action. Too bad it is too much guidance and inconsistent artificial intelligence.

Metro GameCentral 70
Not quite a misfire but while the action is highly entertaining this time-looping adventure squanders much of its premise on disappointingly straightforward objectives and a curiously tame portrayal of unchecked hedonism.

GRYOnline.pl 90

GamingBolt 70
If your prefer your time-looping adventures to be more stylish and violence-oriented, then Deathloop may be for you. Even with its various issues, there is satisfaction to be had in learning each map and completing the perfect series of assassinations.

SpazioGames 82
Deathloop is based on Dishonored foundations and uses many of its level design tropes. It must be considered a smaller project, but a very brilliant one, with very good ideas and an intriguing game concept.


کاربر سایت
May 25, 2021
این چه استدلالیه که با ذهنیت یک شوتر و... رفتی سراغ ش پس برات جالب نبود!

کی میگه ما عناوین قبلی آرکین رو تجربه نکردیم .

ابتدا خودتون تجربه کنید بعد ببینید 10/10 رو میتونید هضم کنید یا نه . 10/10 در عناوینی مثل تلو یا گاد قابل هضمه ولی این عنوان کارش میلنگه یه جاهایی


کاربر سایت
Jun 14, 2020
اینجور که user rating نشون میده منتقد ها انگار یه بازی دیگه رو نقد کردن و کلا ساز مخالف با مشتری میزنن

View attachment 224983

توی PC بدتره و نمره یوزر ها 2.9 هستش
IMG_20210916_091159.jpg IMG_20210916_091205.jpg IMG_20210916_091202.jpg IMG_20210916_091207.jpg
یکی میگه انحصاری سونیه 0
یکی میگه بازی مایکروسافته 0
حداقل بقیه بازیا یه طرف بود بهش ده بده :lol:


کاربر سایت
Jul 9, 2017
آخرین ویرایش:


The hardest battles are fought in the mind
ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
Gfinity 90
Once Deathloop steps back and lets you explore Blackreef in your own way, you’re presented with an expertly crafted world that changes as you poke and prod away at it. By doubling down on a handful of mechanics, Deathloop is a much sleeker, much more immediate experience than other Arkane games. I’d struggle to pick out a sub-par moment, or a target that was anything less than iconic. I feel that with Deathloop, one of the world’s best studios has put its best foot forward, offering up a painstakingly curated selection of reasons why it simply does it better than most. Deathloop is the most compelling reason to buy a PS5 yet, and a game that is destined to be referenced by future titles for years to come.

Digitally Downloaded 90
Deathloop is a game that takes the ideas driving the immersive sim genre to new heights. Purists may take issue with the way it breaks from some of the genre's traditions, but what it offers instead is something unlike anything else out there: a cleverly implemented time loop system that feeds into everything else, and opens the doors to a whole lot of new opportunities for the creative problem solving that sits at the heart of these games. That it does it all with a sense of style and confidence that few other games can match is icing on the cake.

Post Arcade (National Post) 80
So to experience all the good of Deathloop you need also suck it up and suffer a bit of bad. Nothing too stinky, just enough to make you intermittently wrinkle your nose. But it’s worth it. Arkane’s newest isn’t perfect, but I suspect it will end up one of the most memorable games of 2021 simply because it’s so unlike everything out there at the moment. In a season of sequels and various licensed properties, it’s a treat to get to play something as original and unexpected as this.

Guardian 100
The things is, you don’t have to think about anything if you don’t want to; you can just enjoy the adrenaline rush, blasting symbolic victims of player violence (enemies even disappear in a whirl of multicoloured light when shot, a self-reflexive reference to the sheer disposability of non-player characters). But a darker subtext is always there, if you want to look beneath the gleaming surface...In this way, Deathloop gets to have its cake and eat it – over and over again. And it is, to be fair, absolutely delicious.

GameSkinny 100
Deathloop takes elements from games like Bioshock and Dishonored, combining them with a Groundhogs Day like timeloop to create the coolest, most stylish, and best game of the year.

GameGrin 100
Deathloop is a creative masterpiece. Refining everything that is excellent about Arkane Studios previous titles, it takes every single dial and cranks it up to 11.


"Deathloop is a creative masterpiece. Refining everything that is excellent about Arkane Studios previous titles, it takes every single dial and cranks it up to 11."

"combining them with a Groundhogs Day like timeloop to create the coolest, most stylish, and best game of the year."

"Deathloop gets to have its cake and eat it – over and over again. And it is, to be fair, absolutely delicious."

"I feel that with Deathloop, one of the world’s best studios has put its best foot forward,"

"Deathloop is the most compelling reason to buy a PS5 yet, and a game that is destined to be referenced by future titles for years to come."


با همه این حال بعید بدونم از نظر تجاری موفق عمل کنه =((


کاربر سایت
Mar 20, 2013
سبک گرافیک مطرح نیست عزیزجان . یه سری تکسچرهای در حد دو نسل قبل و یک سری موارد فنی مسئله ست .

هوش مصنوعی هم جالب نیست آخه .

نتونستم هضم کنم خلاصه .حتی هنوزم اون متای سایبرپانک تو کتم نمیره ~X(
من نمایش های این بازی دیدم فهمیدم مالی نیست مثل سایبرپانک . تکسچرها و بافت ها و چهره ها انگار برای نسل ۷ هست


کاربر سایت
Jul 25, 2013
بعد از چند ساعت بازی کردن دث لوپ به جرات میگم یه دلیل مهم برا خرید ps5 در حال حاضر میتونه باشه این بازی سونی واقعا حرکت خیلی جالبی زد که این بازی رو انحصاری کنسولی کرد
امیدوارم عناوین آینده ارکین به همین خوبی باشه و مایکرو از استعداد این استدیو به خوبی استفاده کنه


The hardest battles are fought in the mind
ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
Finger Guns 90
A concept that originally seems daunting, once you get into the central mechanic of Deathloop, it all makes sense. Be prepared to die again and again, remapping the same perpetual day out in a variety of different ways to hunt your targets. Arkane have refined their craft once more, delivering a densely packed world with so, so much to do. And as always, an insane variety in how to kill and look good doing it.

GameOver.gr 80
Deathloop is another hit from the talented Arkane Studios, albeit with some noticeable shortcomings. It’s especially peculiar that the A.I. is -simply put- bad, considering that Prey and especially Dishonored 2 where some of the highest quality games in this aspect. Nevertheless, the loop system where we live the same day again and again is cleverly implemented and utilized leading to an unforgettable and unique experience.

M3 80
Arkane Studios latest shooter grabs you directly with it's mix of smart gameplay and mysterious storytelling. While the time loop concept is engaging, it's the freedom of mixing between various gameplay styles that makes Deathloop more addicting than other games in the same genre. Although it can get a little tedious with the large amount of intel that is dropped simultaneous from time to time.

Gaming Nexus 95
Deathloop is one of the finest, most unique experiences in the video game space in recent memory. Sure, it’s got that familiar Arkane feel, but the amalgamation of all of Deathloop’s various influences, genuinely comedic writing, great voice acting, intricate level design, and an engaging, mysterious story that unfolds as you play make Deathloop an absolute joy to play.

DualShockers 95
Deathloop is a game that will be talked about for a long time and one that will undoubtedly be in the running for Game of the Year 2021. Its well-crafted systems, gripping narrative threads and quasi-choose your own adventure style gameplay make it the best Next-Gen title so far.



کاربر سایت
Apr 12, 2021
اینجور که user rating نشون میده منتقد ها انگار یه بازی دیگه رو نقد کردن و کلا ساز مخالف با مشتری میزنن

View attachment 224983

توی PC بدتره و نمره یوزر ها 2.9 هستش
بیخیال بابا نزارید اینا رو, یوزر اسکور متاکریتیک حکم تاپیک VS داره :D


هیدئو کوجیما هم با بازی حال کرده و با وجود اینکه FPSها حالش بد میکنن میخواد تجربش کنه :-".

Hideo Kojima Reacts To Deathloop, Says It Might Make Him Sick
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The hardest battles are fought in the mind
ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
PLAY 100
As Arkane’s been acquired by Xbox, this is its first and last PS5 exclusive. But what better parting gift than a perfect day you could happily live again and again? [Issue#6, p.72]

Launcher (The Washington Post) 90
It is the point of convergence for all the stuff you might expect of “a game” in 2021, wrapped in a stylish, meticulously-constructed package.

4Players.de 82
A cool timeloop thriller with great characters and a lot of freedom, but also some small AI issues and other nuisances.

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