N64oid (N64 emulator) v1.1.2


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Oct 31, 2008
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N64oid (N64 emulator) v1.1.2

شبیه ساز N64

نیاز به گوشی هایی با سرعت بالا مانند Nexus-S, Nexus-One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy و ...

* Run most games smoothly at a reasonable speed (if not full speed) with sound. This requires you have a high-end device (Nexus-S, Nexus-One, Droid, Samsung Galaxy, etc).
* Save/load game states at ANY points, as well as the in-game save support (SRAM, EEPROM, etc).
* A configurable, translucent on-screen keypad that is very easy to use.
* Key mappings to map game keys to hardware buttons.
* Option to use the G-sensor as the analog stick.
* A variety of settings that you can tune on your needs.

* N64oid is far from being perfect now. But do expect it would be improved continuously and constantly.

Fixed C-buttons up/down
Move shoulder buttons lower on large screens so that it is easier to reach (eg. Tablets)
Add option to change screen orientation (only works for Gingerbread or later


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