Buble Dragon


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Sep 14, 2012
به نام یزدان پاک



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The most thrilling free bubble shooting arcade game on Google Play! Join the action in Bubble Dragon and get ready to spend hours of enjoyment playing this new hit app. It’s fun, it’s free!
Have your trained dragon helping you hatch all the eggs and shoot for the highest score.
✩ Fever mode and chain bonuses to increase scores
✩ Special items with unique effects
✩ Stunning graphics and illustrations
✩ A cute dragon! Nothing can beat that!
What players are saying:
“I love the game, got addicted to it!” Alex A.
"The best arcade game! 5 stars!" Candice P.
“Adorable, I need more games like this!! I play a lot!” Vincent Vegas
“Super ultra fun.. Help me eract boredom.” Lenny O.

حجم بازی:12800 KB

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