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Jun 27, 2009

سازنده:flying wild hog

ناشر: devolver digital

پلتفرم: ps4/5 xbox one xbox s/x pc

تاریخ عرضه: 5 می 2022

سبک: action

Trek to Yomi


Trek to Yomi


Trek to Yomi



Trek to Yomi for XBXS, PS5, PS4, PC, XB1 Reviews

  • Xbox Series X/S (May 5, 2022)​
  • PlayStation 5 (May 5, 2022)​
  • PlayStation 4 (May 5, 2022)​
  • PC (May 5, 2022)​
  • Xbox One (May 5, 2022)​
Developers: Flying Wild Hog, Leonard Menchiari

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Review Aggregator:

OpenCritic - 71 average - 54% recommended

Critic Reviews

33bits - Fernando Sánchez - Spanish - 75 / 100
Trek to Yomi is a 2.5D hack 'n' slash that will take us to feudal Japan in a story of samurais, love, revenge and duty. All this with a cinematographic treatment of the filmmaker Akira Kurosawa that is reflected in the game with an impressive audiovisual section. The gameplay, however, does not reach the same levels of quality, and it is possible that we will notice some repetition at times, although the game is still remarkable.​
A picturesque museum exhibit that's beautiful to look at, but painful to play.​
Video Review - Quote not available​
Trek to Yomi is an amazing looking game that totally recreates the feeling of an Akira Kurosawa's samurai movie, but it lacks a little bit of gameplay depth and a more sophisticated level design.​
) The studio has even gone to length to include not just a film grain overlay, but things like audio crackling, film burn and scratches as well as oddities in editing and the like.​
Trek to Yomi is like a Christmas present you've been waiting for, and it's finally here, wrapped in the most unique and gorgeous way possible, but when you open it there is nothing inside.​
Trek to Yomi raises the bar high for historical accuracy. It’s clear how hard the developers worked to make this game feel like an act of love and admiration for the Edo period of Japan. However, the well-written story, great voice acting, and beautiful setpieces are held back by the combat. For a substantial part of the game, swordfights feel stale. Especially with little use for combos which are given a big emphasis via unlocks. If the combat was given the attention that every other facet of this game got, Trek to Yomi would have been a big contender for my Game of the Year.​
Taken as a whole, Trek to Yomi is an impressive homage to classic Japanese action films. It looks and sounds incredible, with art direction and music that are impeccably authentic to both history and cinema. As an action game, Trek to Yomi is engaging but a bit lacking in variety and depth, with controls and animations less polished than its visuals. Trek to Yomi is a fascinating and altogether unique experience, worth playing if you’re a fan of great samurai films or simply enjoy new variations on the action game formula.​
Trek to Yomi has an astonishing film-like presentation that pays homage to Akira Kurosawa's samurai movies. Unfortunately, the gameplay fails to match its audio and visual excellence.​
Trek to Yomi is an enjoyable, heavy, and atmospheric side-scroller whose presentation along can place it with the greats by way of Flying Wild Hog titles that’s hampered by poor combat. The engrossing story, immersive and highly cinematic presentation, and an excellent score are all indicators of greatness and Trek to Yomi seems to be on its way to being one of 2022’s best Indie titles; only time will tell.​
Trek to Yomi is, for me, just shy of a veritable masterpiece. Looking at it purely subjectively, I think this game is bloody brilliant, and certainly one of the finest non-AAA games I have played in a long time. Rich combat, striking visuals, a gritty narrative, and dynamic audio experiences blend together to make this game a true stand out of 2022 so far. Unfortunately, I feel the hyper-stylised tone and fixed Japanese language setting may prove a turn off for some and cause this game to be overlooked. However, if you have even a passing interest in Japanese culture, cinema, or just plain solid gameplay, then I implore you to give Trek to Yomi a look.​
Trek To Yomi is a fascinating 2D scroll lateral game focus on the ancient Japan. This game is set in the Samurai, Ronin and Bushido era, with the vibes of Akira Kurosawa films. You have to fight around different places, looking for revenge for your sensei. This game is in Black and White, with an original aesthetic and a simple plot that really makes you involve in the story.​
Trek to Yomi starts to come into its own only as it heads towards its finish. It's easy to admire what Flying Wild Hog set you to do with Trek to Yomi. It's an attempt to blend the appeal of the classic samurai film genre with the interactive moodiness of fellow indie games like Playdead's Limbo or Inside. It's partially successful in that regard, but while the ideas underpinning the game are solid, their execution leaves something to be desired. Ultimately, Trek to Yomi could have benefitted from more time studying the blade.​
Trek to Yomi’s gameplay woes — as well as the stunning lack of a chapter select feature — drag the experience down and mean that its swordplay is not nearly as sharp as its presentation.​
This tale of a ronin looks amazing with its warm and fuzzy film grain. But below the surface, Trek to Yomi suffers from repetition and a few tired mechanics.​
Solid and definitely have an audience. There could be some hard-to-ignore faults, but the experience is fun.​
Slicing enemies in Trek to Yomi can be worked down to a science, but its story and the development of its main character are what made me want to see the game through to its end.​
Trek to Yomi is one of the most visually striking games to launch in a while, delivering on the promise that a samurai game can truly capture the look and feel of classic Japanese cinema. Unfortunately, good looks can only get you so far, as the gameplay and story don't quite live up to the standards set by its art direction. But if you are in the mood for a samurai game, you could do worse than Trek to Yomi.​
Trek to Yomi is a beautiful game that gives you a truly cinematic experience. While short-lived, it is worth playing through the game to gain the experience of being a Samurai back during an era where they were prominent.​
Trek to Yomi could use more variety and story development, but its cinematic presentation scratches a very specific itch for fans of classic samurai films.​
Trek To Yomi could have been a much better game, as it offers classic artistic aspects with unique artistic direction and a great story that is deep and psychological, but all of these aspects does not compensate for the the glaring bad aspects, the most important of which are boring gameplay, repetitive enemies, and a less than ordinary music​
Even with a fantastic presentation, due to the issues with combat Trek to Yomi ends up amounting to a very middle-of-the-road action game. It’s disappointingly limited when it comes to truly challenging you, and outside of playing with 1-hit death – a feature that’s unlocked when you first beat the game – there’s not really a whole lot to the game to keep you coming back for more.​
Visually, Trek To Yomi is a cinematic samurai action game like nothing else, while playing it is one of the blandest action games of the year.​

Fun Factor - Diogo Arez - Portuguese - 7 / 10
Trek to Yomi is an incredibly beautiful tribute to old school Samurai movies, with some gorgeous cinematography, but unfortunately held back by an uneven and sometimes wonky combat system.​
Trek to Yomi presents its world through the lens of classic Japanese cinema, reinforcing its thematic exploration of self-reflection and overcoming failure with masterful presentation and design to form a captivating experience. Combat presents a satisfying learning curve that rewards carefully studying your opponents and mastering the moves in your arsenal, and while overall it can falter at times due to uneven pacing, it's well worth undertaking the trek yourself.​
Trek to Yomi is a well-made game, and, in some aspects, even great. If you like this type of adventure and a focus on the artistic style, as well as the samurai atmosphere, go for it! I really hope Trek to Yomi sells well since I’d like to see more.​

Game Forces PT - Filipe Martins - Portuguese - 9 / 10
Trek to Yomi is, in our humble opinion, an experience mandatory for all players. A surprising experience, which brings a breath of fresh air to the current videogame market, while presenting visually beautiful graphics and a captivating story. A videogame that makes you absorve the lacking colors and immerse ourselves in these tons of grey that awaken our senses, where both Japanese history and mythology are well represented.​
Trek to Yomi looks and feels noticeably outdated for such an aesthetically pleasing game. And its archaic gameplay can’t be completely covered up by its artistic black-and-white filter. Trek to Yomi tried to reach the heights of lauded Japanese filmmaking, but unfortunately, it falls almost as flat as its 2D combat plane.​
Trek to Yomi is a fun enough five hours for the money. I wasn’t expecting Ghost of Tsushima for $19.99, so I wasn’t disappointed with what I got. However, I’m a big weeb, love Kurosawa, and think katanas are cool. I’m not sure if those unfamiliar with the design principle behind the game will understand where it’s coming from. It might serve as a gateway drug to Japanese cinema for some, but I think many people will just be wondering why it’s in black and white instead of color. Overall, it’s like a samurai with a dull sword: flashy, but lacking the razor edge needed to cut its way through the shadow of its contemporaries.​

GameBlast - Alexandre Galvão - Portuguese - 8.5 / 10
Trek to Yomi is a fitting tribute to a cinematic genre in video game form. Movie fans will be happy to see beautiful photography and stunning scenery. Action game fans, on the other hand, have solid gameplay at their disposal, despite minor flaws in the mechanics, with a fair degree of challenge and a seductive replay factor.​
Although the game is still a good experience, every enjoyable aspect was brought with a caveat that diminished my enjoyment somewhat. It's a great idea, but its execution was not so much.​

GameMAG - Russian - 6 / 10
If you are at least a little sympathetic to the aesthetics of the samurai cinema, Track to Yomi certainly deserves to be tried. Preferably on a big screen with good sound.​
This isn’t Ghost of Tsushima but it isn’t supposed to be – it’s a different, but enjoyable experience and one well worth experiencing if you’re a Samurai Cinema fan or looking for a new Samurai-themed sword-wielding adventure.​
Trek to Yomi is a gorgeous samurai adventure with satisfying 2D action and some unfortunately frustrating quirks​

GameSpace - Brau3er - 8.5 / 10
Actually playing Trek to Yomi is not as much fun as just looking at it. Combat turns the game's 3D world into 2D, forcing you to fight on a single axis. You can move left or right, rotate to collide with enemies, attack or block, and that's pretty much it. Those expecting a super-difficult task might be disappointed, but with the developers going down the path of getting attention rather than creating a new Sifu and Devolver Digital doing the publishing duties, it's certainly going to be an interesting project nonetheless. I think Wild Flying Hog has done an excellent job of helping the player go from a beginner swordsman to an experienced samurai.​
A short but sweet adventure, you might replay Trek to Yomi to collect all of its collectibles and upgrades, perhaps even on a harder difficulty to test your skills. It has multiple endings to discover, too. And so for its modest price it’s easy to recommend to action adventure fans, especially if they also love samurai movies. Its stunning presentation is just the icing on the cake.​
Trek to Yomi oozes style by evoking the legendary samurai flicks of Akira Kurosawa, but its stilted combat lacks the substance to make this a classic in itself.​

Gameblog - _SutterCane - French - 7 / 10
Trek to Yomi is a gorgeous 2.5D action game that pays a vibrant tribute to the films of Akira Kurosawa with an absolutely stunning and unique cinematic aesthetic. Unfortunately, the combat is not as good as we would have like due to a lack of feeling and precision during the fights.​

Gamefa - Mostafa Zahedi - Persian - 6 / 10
Trek To Yomi is a short yet delightful adventure that revolves around familiar concepts like: betrayal, honor and of course sacrifice. can we consider it a game changer experience in the genere? Of course not, but nevertheless, if you're a fan of classical japanese movies and have a thing for 2D side scroller games, Trek To Yomi is a must!​
Trek To Yomi is a surreal cinematic experience based on times when Samurai existed. You play as Hiroki and get to experience his traumatic fate and his journey where he travels to a depth of Yomi itself only to protect the people he took an oath to protect. The combat system is straightforward and sometimes troublesome, but the cinematic experience put throughout the chapters of the game will have you hooked. I proudly give the game a super 8/10. Personally, you don’t want to miss this title at all!​
Trek to Yomi is a beautiful homage to a specific genre of old Japanese cinema and the artists who created those films. While occasionally too rigid in its dedication to paying tribute, a combat system with enough depth to satisfy most people and scenery worthy of its own canvas at every turn makes it a journey worth taking.​
Trek to Yomi is a game with a voice and a vision. The title takes every liberty to adhere to its inspirations without ever feeling like a film masquerading as a game, and the reverence the development team has for that era of Japanese films can be felt in every aspect of the experience.

The dynamic camera, the gorgeously realized environments, and the personal, character-driven narrative work in tandem to deliver a game that’s wholly unique. It might not be an easy recommendation based purely on gameplay alone, but it’s certainly easy to recommend for just about everything else.​
People looking for a short and intense samurai game should check out Trek to Yomi. It’s quick, fun, and makes you truly feel like a samurai.​

Gamersky - Chinese - 7.3 / 10
Trek to Yomi uses black and white graphic style and pure cold weapon combat to create a unique experience of sword and blade.​
Trek to Yomi has lived up to its hype and has changed side-scrolling gaming for the future. It isn’t on the same level as relative games like Ghost of Tsushima, and some shortcomings drag it down a little, but this game has done more than enough to get your attention at least.​
Despite being an undeniably beautiful piece of work, its identity as a weapon combat game lacks edge. I’m glad I stuck with it until the end – some of the late-game setpieces are certainly a sight to behold – but I left Trek to Yomi in a hungry search for something else that would give me the inherent satisfaction that comes from feeling the impact and hearing the sound of crossing blades.​
In its visuals and audio, Trek to Yomi nails its brief to create an Akira Kurosawa-inspired samurai adventure. Its interactive elements, however, along with its story, are all too ordinary and rarely combine to heighten the atmosphere or create suspense. Worth a try for the sightseeing perhaps, but don't expect it to cut deep.​
Trek To Yomi is graphically and audibly amazing. The story is rich and full with a lot of history. If you want to sink a few hours into a beat-em-up with a lot of depth and lots to do, you should definitely play this. I hope you choose the right path for you on your Trek to Yomi, but you definitely shouldn't pass up this amazing experience.​
Trek to Yomi is a beautifully crafted experience. From your first steps into the game's world to your last players will be constantly enthralled by the tense combat, tightly written story, and exquisite art direction. It is rare that a game is released that thoroughly wows you with its graphics, atmosphere, and creativity and Trek to Yomi succeeds in all three departments. It is an experience that I highly recommend to all players.​
A cinematic experience that is spectacular visually, Trek to Yomi falters when it comes to keeping a straight story, with the combat being both a friend and foe.​
Trek to Yomi takes us to the samurai era with a captivating story and an artistic section worthy of the best movies. Join Hiroki and finish your destiny.​
Trek to Yomi is a reverent homage to Kurosawa and samurai cinema that, while effortlessly stylish, only attempts to get weird with it on a superficial level.​
This grainy, gore-soaked katana caper slowly morphs into a compelling meditation on vengeance​
While it could stand to be longer, if only to deliver more when it come to some of its more ambitious elements, Trek to Yomi is an amazing action game that makes terrific use of its cinematic presentation, using Kurosawa vibes to impact both the gameplay and visuals in clever ways.​
Having previously gobbled up the great Ghost of Tsushima, I was eager to find another love letter to Kurosawa in Trek to Yomi. On an aesthetic level, my expectations were completely blown out of the water — the famed filmmaker has been honored like never before. When it comes to gameplay, I’m completely satisfied, my desire for another Way of the Samurai fulfilled, but I can see someone who skipped this era of gaming less enthused. If samurai games of yesteryear were your thing, Trek to Yomi is absolutely worth side-scroll slicing your way through the belly of the underworld for.​
The rigorous black and white style, and the combat system based on "parries" and counterattacks make Trek To Yomi the closest experience to "playing" a samurai movie. It's short, but replayable.​
Trek to Yomi absolutely nails the samurai aesthetic in a satisfying but modest adventure.​
Aesthetically well-finished but not always effective in its gameplay, Trek to Yomi is an adventure on the whole interesting and worth playing.​

IGN Korea - Seulki Oh - Korean - 7 / 10
The difficulty level choice caters to both who want to chill or challenge. But it struggles to keep the concept of it being a samurai who travels to afterlife in order to save his beloved, with only things to remind of it is a katana wielding protagonist, and its in the edo era. Although the quality of the cut scenes may pierce through some hearts with waves of emotions, the gameplay may not be up to par to its production quality.​

IGN Spain - Rafa Del Río - Spanish - 7 / 10
Menchiari and the Polish division of Flying Wild Hog manage to offer a very personal experience, a tribute to the samurai cinema of the last century that will delight all those who enjoyed films like Yojimbo at the time and that could well work as a sequel to Rashômon.​

INVEN - Soojin Kim - Korean - 7 / 10
Trek to Yomi's excellent visual quality and sound production are enough for you to recall classic black-and-white film. But maybe they put too much effort into the visual side. Gameplay itself feels so plain and simple. The fast-paced combats are interesting in itself but barely changes. And the collectables are not attractive enough.​
Trek to Yomi is Flying Wild Hog's best game. Unlike Shadow Warrior 3, the studio's first title in 2022 that was a huge step backward, Trek to Yomi is aimed at a niche audience. It's short, violent, and poetic. The one-hit kill Kensei mode that's unlocked after finishing the game for the first time also adds more replay value for the game while creating the potential for attracting hardcore gamers and speedrunners. The game can be enjoyed by many, but a very small group of people will hold on to it for a very long time. That's why Trek to Yomi has the chance to become a cult title.​
For fans of Japanese cinema, this game is a must play. For everyone else, while you're sure to be wowed by the visuals you'll probably find the gameplay a little too light and repetitive to hold your attention for very long.​
Even with criticisms regarding combat, Trek to Yomi is far from a bad place. It’s apparent that Flying Wild Hog took this game as a labor of love, putting so much heart and character into it. Anyone that enjoys the samurai film genre, Japanese history, or less traditional games, in general, would be wise to give this a shot. I played this game on Xbox Series S via Game Pass, though it is available on other platforms.

It can also be completed in anywhere from 5 to 6 hours, meaning that it won’t overstay its welcome. If you have an afternoon to spare, after reading our Trek to Yomi review, steel yourself and set forth on a journey you may never forget.​
If you love the history of the Samurai or enjoy the black and white films of the 1950s. Then Trek To Yomi is an absolute must-play. With the cinematic delivery of its narrative, in a short and concise amount of time. Combined with challenging and rewarding combat, Flying Wild Hog has delivered on potentially one of the best indie titles of 2022.​
As cliche and tropey as these types of revengeful samurai stories are and it is quite that in the beginning, once you peel the initial layer off it is actually quite a different story. In saying that, don’t we just love a traditional samurai story, especially with a mythological twist when presented in a classic Japanese arthouse style? You can’t help but eat it up over and over again as you bathe in these Japanese cultural elements all married together.​
Trek to Yomi stands out with its distinctive visual and samurai movie style. But the ordinary gameplay and heavy cinematics have greatly undermined the gameplay.​

Metro GameCentral - GameCentral - 4 / 10
The attempts to mirror the cinema of Akira Kurosawa work on a visual level but the story and gameplay are so empty and repetitive this barely works as a homage, let alone an engaging game in its own right.​
Great visuals, great voice acting, great sound, great music, shame the game is mediocre.​
Flying Wild Hog's latest action game is a visual stunner, but the combat is repetitive.​

NaviGames - Daniel García - Spanish - 7 / 10
As a narrative and visual experience it is a delight. However, its excessive cinematic approach makes the gameplay too clunky and imprecise. Its mechanics needed more polish.​
Trek to Yomi is a visual masterpiece with a solid story, unfortunately let down by its gameplay. Whilst there are some enjoyable elements, it doesn't hold up when compared to numerous recently released peers that do samurai combat better.​
So many games have tried to present a cinematic experience but the vast majority have no idea what they’re talking about. Trek to Yomi is one of those rare games that not only mesmerizes with its finesse and all-encompassing presentation, it manages to leave an impression on you just like Kurosawa’s films did. Trek to Yomi receives my highest recommendation.​
So beautiful to see that it deserves to be exposed.​
Trek to Yomi often feels like it prioritizes looks over gameplay and to a certain extent, that's fine. The game flawlessly executes exquisite camera angles that give off a highly-cinematic feel that is a joy to both watch and play. While its close-up visuals are average at best, the game exceeds at framing scenes that look 'gram-worthy whenever the screenshot button is pressed.

Its combat system, while decent, boils down to repeated patterns at easier difficulties but gets excruciatingly difficult at the next level, without finding a good middle ground that makes the experience feel satisfying. That said, it is very easy to pick up and play but will require players to prioritize timing over dexterity.​
A gorgeous game with frustrating combat and glitchy exploration, Trek to Yomi is the definition of style over substance.​
Visually excellent but extremely short and packed with repetitive, clunky sword fights, Trek to Yomi doesn't hit all the right notes.​
Featuring outstanding cinematic presentation, first-rate voice performances, and superb sound design, Trek to Yomi wraps Akira Kurosawa-like flair around its fun, side-scrolling samurai battles.​
Trek to Yomi honors all its best references and the result is an aesthetically brilliant game, with a solid combat system (even if it may seem repetitive in some parts), a safe exploration model and a narrative cadence faithful to the great works of the genre. As a whole, a worthy and memorable experience.​
Just like every other kid that spent the early 2000s watching Ruroni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo, and Gundam, I think samurai are very cool. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realized they, like knights, they were probably mostly bad on a person-to-person and institutional basis as executors of a feudal order. Nonetheless, their fictional depictions, especially in the films made between the 1930s and 1970s in conversation with the cowboy westerns and swashbuckler films being made at the same time, led to captivating art whose influences extend through today, and Trek to Yomi is an admirable attempt to bring that to gaming audiences. Hopefully it gets more of us to engage with the source material.​
Trek to Yomi is a sidescroller with strong influences from old Kurosawa films. Hiroki sets out to avenge his sensei with the help of Aiko. Fight your way through Hell to confront the warlord Kagarou. With a price tag of twenty euros, Trek to Yomi is more than worth a positive assessment. A must play for the true Indie fan.​
Trek to Yomi is a challenging, relatively quick trip to the past that is sure to entertain fans of old samurai films. The mechanics are easy to pick up, but difficult to master. The story is engaging, and surprisingly branches with different endings. With a campaign length of around 5 – 7 hours for most players and priced right at $19.99, this is a game that doesn’t overstay its welcome. Repeating sections is not easy with no real save management, and the 2D combat may not appeal to everyone, but it’s hard to ignore the authentic look and feel that such a design choice adds to Trek to Yomi. If you’ve got a day or two to spare, this is one to not overlook.​
Short but ever-so-sweet, Trek to Yomi is a pretty linear affair that respects your time. The combat is nuanced, evolves over time and is entertaining to learn. Small bursts of exploration are rewarded with collectables and upgrades but your main path is never obscured. It's cinematically beautiful and what's done with perspective and setting up each scene is really unique. Trek to Yomi is unlike anything else I have played recently, it's not bloated, pure and I appreciate that a lot.​
As an homage to Akira Kurosawa's contributions to Japanese cinema, Trek to Yomi is an unparalleled adventure to the shores of hell and back that meticulously encapsulates and delivers an experience through his lens. It's when you look behind its eyes that you discover the game's soul is missing in a disappointing case where a wellspring of style and authenticity is anchored by a sad lack of substance.​
It’s a fascinating game that has a little more of a brain compared to its peers, but it is admittedly missing a wow factor or compelling hook to really drive the experience home​

Pure Dead Gaming - Craig - 8 / 10
Trek to Yomi has its issues, but as a package I loved it. The gameplay has its shortcomings for sure and there is even the odd moment when the artistic direction negatively affects the gameplay such as wide shots. But the presentation is up there with the most stylish games ever created and for that alone it’s one I recommend playing.​
Trek to Yomi is a decent samurai action game, elevated greatly by its superb presentation. Clocking in at only a few hours, this is a brief but ultimately satisfying tale, stitched together by some simple but very effective environmental design, and a combat system that rewards careful play. It's not quite side-scrolling Ghost of Tsushima, but it is an impressively atmospheric love letter to samurai cinema.​
Trek to Yomi is an absolute blast that provides plenty of memorable moments throughout its 4-5 hours main story. Trek to Yomi may be as frustrating as it is rewarding, but it will still be the best £16/$20 you’ll spend this year.​
"Trek to Yomis’ love for the genre and cinematic ambition is its best feature and shines a light on its flaws. This is a tale of honor and blood that is worth experiencing."​
A samurai side-scroller with striking visuals and a compelling story of revenge, let down a little by enemies that get very samey, very quickly.​
Trek to Yomi is a trip to historic Japan in the style of Kurosawa movies. The unique monochrome look will immerse you in the game, and the fights are dynamic and realistic. You will reach the endinf really soon, but the game will leave a good impression. In Game Pass, this is a clear choice that you should not miss.​
Visually, TREK TO YOMI is a cinematic feast, using static camera angles with gorgeous placement and attention to detail to the max. There's a real focus on framing here, the camera shifting and adjusting in just the right ways to show you wide-landscapes when Hikori is outnumbered and isolated, and tight carefully framed snippets of pastoral village life and bustling marketplaces.​
Small issues aside, Trek to Yomi is a lovingly crafted homage to the greats of Japanese cinema, taking the elements so loved by fans of the genre and stretching the limits of what was possible in it through the use of video games as a medium. It is one of the most visually striking games I have played in years, with a beautiful soundtrack and combat that becomes robust over time and is just challenging enough to stay fun and rewarding throughout. The feeling of realizing you’re capable of cutting your way through ten enemies on one screen when just an hour ago you were struggling against dealing with two-to-three at a time is both energizing and empowering, and the momentum from this propels you ever forward through to the game’s satisfying conclusion. Trek to Yomi is a great action game that weighs in at a near perfect length, and in my book it’s one of this year’s must plays.​
Tight gameplay, beautiful cinematography, and the yells of my slain foes are only a few parts of what makes this game incredibly enthralling.​
Fans of Kurosawa films or of Japanese samurai movies in general will dig Trek to Yomi. Anyone with even a passing curiosity for this genre should absolutely check this out. Trek to Yomi aims high and proves to be as sharp as Hiroki's blade.​
Trek to Yomi, however, is one game very well captured by its trailers. They ask the prospective player, “Do you want to journey through a beautifully realized action-game homage to the chambara samurai films of the 1950s and 60s?” And if your answer to that question after viewing one of the many trailers out now is “Yes” …well, there you go.​
Video Review - Quote not available​
Trek to Yomi makes a great first impression. The black and white, combined with the first uses of the combat system, suggests an experience that will allow players to step into the sandals of a samurai. The story might not be extraordinary but there’s enough sentiment in it to keep players engaged.​
Trek to Yomi is a story of loss, honour and revenge. Despite some technical issues and a combat system with unbalanced combos, it's undoubtedly a game suited for all feudal Japan fans.​
Fans of Japanese culture and Kurosawa’s films may be more forgiving of Trek to Yomi than I, but the repetitive nature of its gameplay loop and overall lack of diversity made me pine for the Dark Souls playthrough I’m currently going through. It’s not one I’d enthusiastically recommend to players, but the silver lining here of course is that it’s part of Xbox Game Pass at launch, so many of you will be able to try it for yourself with no skin off your backs.​
A striking visual style and stylish presentation helps make Trek To Yomi a memorable journey through hell, even when the story and gameplay remain familiar and predictable.​
Trek To Yomi may have a great narrative and an excellent visual design, however the stiff combat mechanics and tedious exploration sections may quickly diminish any desire to see the game through to the end. Despite having great potential, Trek To Yomi fails to deliver and instead becomes a very lackluster experience!​
Trek to Yomi is a solid and well-executed trip to a black-and-white tale of swords and souls, where a simple but satisfying gameplay is paired with a charming narrative that offers three different endings. Enemy and setting variety could be better, but overall this is a game worthy of your time.​
Trek to Yomi is a compelling enough story that makes strong use of cinematic techniques to tell a samurai tale in a novel way. Its approach could easily be imagined on the silver screen but its interactive medium makes for a compelling combat-heavy side scroller with enough mechanical depth to warrant multiple playthroughs.​
A masterful love letter to the films of Akira Kurosawa. Trek to Yomi’s inspirations are clear. It handles those inspirations with love and care. Ultimately standing on its own two feet as something unique in the current gaming space. Above all else, it is extremely fun to play!​
Trek to Yomi is a game that really does evoke the style of Kurosawa films, with a good story and good characters. However, it is let down by a combat system that can feel clunky and unresponsive against enemies that are a little too straightforward to defeat. If you enjoy sidescrollers and samurai then it may be worth spending the few hours it takes to play through it.​
The solid and gratifying combat system is perhaps not fully explored, but any mistake in Trek to Yomi is whisked away by its brisk pace complemented by a great artistic vision. Trek to Yomi is a katana-sharp experience that impresses with its flashy skills — use the joyous time it gives you well.​
Trek to Yomi is arguably one of the most beautifully staged games this year. While the fighting is simple and repetitive, it’s very difficult to master some of the harder difficulties. Like the main character, the player will need to find their balance as they venture forward, encountering all the demons and monsters that this game has to offer.​
Trek to Yomi feels like a victim of its own cinematic inspirations and artistic ambitions. While satisfying at times, the combat is ultimately pretty one-note and begins to outstay its welcome by the time you’ve reached the end of Hiroki’s journey. I’m a sucker for artistically driven indie experiences, but there’s got to be some strong gameplay forming a foundation for it, and I can’t say I overly enjoyed my time accompanying Hiroki on his quest for vengeance.​
The wonderful aesthetic of Trek to Yomi unfortunately cannot cover its several weaknesses in gameplay.​
Artistically and thematically, it hits all the right notes, and conjures memories of Kurosawa and Mifune. However, if you prefer deep, diverse gameplay to art and story, you might find yourself only partially satisfied.​
Trek to Yomi is an undoubtedly beautiful game that will constantly make you want to take screenshots. It's just too bad that its gameplay is as simplistic and repetitive as it is because it ends up feeling like a chore to play after a while.​
Not that this is something that has to be endured. The underworld may be outglowed by the freaky fogs above, but so what?​
Available on Xbox Game Pass, “Trek to Yomi” is a no-brainer download for anyone wanting a simple yet cinematic action game that harks back to classic PC adventures and 2D blade-action titles. At a $20 asking price, it’s a more debatable purchase, especially considering the short clear time. But at the end of the trek, I didn’t regret a minute of it, once I got over the fact that the combat was never going to be the real hook. It’s a gorgeous visual feast, and once I started it, I found it hard to look away.​
Know what to expect from Trek to Yomi before purchasing it. I had a great time with it, but that’s because I knew this wasn’t going to be a high-octane, indie equivalent of Ghost of Tsushima or Sekiro. This is the closest to a Kurosawa game we’ll probably ever get. Not only due to its phenomenal presentation, but also due to its emphasis on storytelling and world building, instead of nonstop action and ludicrous combos. Combat sections were more sparse and sluggish than anticipated, but that’s fine since it’s so easy to sink into the game’s world.​
Trek to Yomi uses incredible cinematic stylings to tell a surprisingly strong story of revenge, but its 2D combat doesn’t always strike true.​
Trek to Yomi is a stunning game, that goes above and beyond to pay homage to one of cinema’s greatest. It doesn’t shy away from depicting the brutality of war and each frame is full of details to create a grounded, and beautiful world. Despite its impeccable presentation, Trek to Yomi’s combat, and uneven boss fights get in the way of true greatness. It’s still worth experiencing for its visuals, and audio alone, with some caveats attached when it comes to gameplay.​
Trek to Yomi is an interactive take on the classic monochromatic Samurai films of yesteryear. Players take on the role of Hiroki, guiding him on his journey to exact revenge following the destruction of his village.​
A stylish side-scrolling samurai epic, Trek to Yomi combines cinematic influences and sharp combat to great effect, but descends into frustration towards the end. Nonetheless, this is a journey worth sticking with.​

XboxEra - Harm0nica - 7.5 / 10
All in all, the game is impressive and an apt tribute to its cinematic roots. Blood spurts satisfyingly as you strike enemies down, burning arrows soar overhead ominously and supernatural sections are sufficiently eerie yet intriguing. Personally, I found certain sections of combat to be punishingly tricky due to the lack of nearby save points so I would recommend playing through using the Cinematic difficulty if you want a relaxed experience.​
Trek to Yomi is not an overly long adventure either. Outside of the standard combat there is some light exploration and puzzle solving with a few boss battles tossed in for good measure. The story is what kept me chugging through to the end. It is boilerplate but interesting. I wanted to know how things concluded so I pushed through the repetitive combat. Trek to Yomi is a game that on the surface seems way more interesting than it actually is. It feels like a good Game Pass title that occupied me for a weekend, I just wish it was a bit more in-depth when it comes to the combat itself.​
Trek to Yomi is about as authentic as they come. The lighting, the camera angles – the aesthetic is all there and is matched with some equally nice combat that has a surprising amount of depth to it.​
Video Review - Quote not available​
Overall, I have to say I had a really good time with Trek to Yomi. The combat was fun, the story was great, and I loved the overall aesthetics here. It was great to explore all the unique areas the game has to offer, discovering interesting collectibles along the way. The game is a bit on the short side at just 7 hours playing on the normal difficulty level, but with multiple endings and challenge levels to choose from, there is plenty of replay value to justify the $19.99 price tag. If you’re a fan of older samurai movies or just love a good sword based action game, you can’t really go wrong with this one.​

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