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Apr 14, 2006


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The Guardian - 5 / 5
Rowdy, animated and exhaustingly vigorous, Metal Gear Rising is a game that retains the capacity for stealth, but actively encourages players to rush in, katana blazing. The Metal Gear myth has never before appeared so agile, fresh and youthful, but more than the setting its Platinum's virtuoso coders that shine throughout, the object slicing a marvel of high-speed 3D manipulation. A technical masterpiece, Rising offers a funfair ride approximation of Konami's brooding series, but one with more than enough capacity for the Bayonetta veteran to express their dexterous expertise.

NZGamer - 9.7 / 10
So it's a bit on the short side, sure, and the visuals have a tiny hiccup here and there. Everything else about the game is perfect. Seriously, it's exactly right. If you like your action to be intense, dramatic, and totally ridiculous, this could very well be your game of the year.

GameTrailer - 9.2 / 10
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an amazing action game that offers a level of exacting fidelity that few can match. The short length isn’t a detractor--you’ll definitely come back for seconds given everything it has to offer. Hacking enemies to pieces hasn’t felt this good in a long time. Don’t be surprised if this isn’t the last we see of Raiden.

Destructoid - 9 / 10
A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title.

EuroGamer - 9 / 10
If Revengeance didn't have camera issues this would be the easiest 10 I've ever given. As things stand it's still brilliant, staking out new territory in the genre and adapting certain Metal Gear characteristics so well that it makes the competition look outrageously bad. This is simply the ultimate one-man show, worth its ticket price many times over, an experience that improves exponentially as it gets faster and as you get better. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a thrilling and almost flawless fighting game - come get some.

Original Gamer - 9 / 10
Metal Gear Rising: Revengance carves out its own identity into the franchise all the while staying in cannon with the previous games. The action is very well done, the music is action pack and the graphics/character models look amazing. Delving deeper into Raiden’s past was a great touch and portrayed him as a tragic hero. Its high replayability will let players earn enough battle points to unlock more firmware updates to customize Raiden and his weapons, and unlock extra items. The camera can get annoying at times, and the backstories of the bosses aren’t too deep, which is a shame since they have such great design.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance is worthy of the Metal Gear name and if you decide to skip it just because it isn’t a “Kojima game” or it doesn’t have Snake as the main character, then you are missing out on a great action experience.

Playstationer - 90 / 100
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a excellent game in pretty much every way. Fans of 3rd person hack and slash games will feel right at home with this title, it has everything a player would want in a game from this genre but also a whole lot more. The cutting mechanic and general pacing of the game are spot on. A Metal Gear Solid nut would appreciate the care Platinum Games took in keeping the style and personality of the game the same as the main franchise.

Polygon - 9 / 10
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance combines reckless abandon with the beauty of precision. It's a fast, frantic, fun game that does its own thing. But its bizarre plot manages to carve out a comfortable niche within the Metal Gear franchise despite the change of pace. Platinum Games has done something incredibly rare: honoring a beloved series while successfully broadening its reach into a whole new genre.

Digital Chumps - 8.8 / 10
In less capable hands Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance might have been a one note-tune absent of compulsory depth. Under the direction of PlatinumGames it feels closer to a sirenic orchestra. The cutting mechanic is smartly embraced as Revengeance's signature rather than its limitation, a crescendo earned by appreciating the profundity of its stylish combat. This is actually expected of Platinum, but the real surprise is their respect and dedication Metal Gear’s established doctrine. By any definition, Revengeance is beautiful symmetry.

Xbox World Australia - 88 / 100
The action game market has essentially devolved into two major components - the excessively gory and visceral experience coupled with a relatively shallow combat system and the game that emphasises style and depth in combat in favour of visual spectacle. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a unique action game - it carves out its own niche appropriately and provides a combat system that is focused on viscera, yes, but also provides depth in its mechanics and a different focus on aggressive combat play. For this it is to be commended.

The nature of its combat, like all PlatinumGames developed titles, is thoroughly grounded in how much you put into it. It can be as deep as you want it to be. For this, it's important to objectively highlight that Metal Gear Rising is not a game for anyone and everyone. Similarly, if you're hankering for a new Devil May Cry game or a new Bayonetta game - this really isn't what you're looking for. It's an entirely different and unique beast of an action game that deserves your attention. Don't let the Metal Gear moniker put you off, this is PlatinumGames at some of their very finest.

The presentation is smooth, the enemies are fun and varied to take on (and the dismemberment feature adds some dynamicity to the battles) and the boss battles are absolutely superb. This is a ridiculously fun ride, even if it does delve into the ridiculous at times. But it wouldn't be a Japanese action game without that.

GameSpot - 8.5 / 10
Revengeance may not play like a typical Metal Gear game, but Raiden’s character arc justifies almost every change to the old formula. It’s a beneficial dynamic, and the game’s biggest success overall. It ultimately tests the hypothesis that there’s more to the series than just Snakes and sneaking behind enemy lines, and for the most part, it passes the test. The story may not wow you with its political trappings, but Raiden's transformation and the gameplay that springs from it are the most alluring reasons to give him another shot as the leading man. If you're even vaguely interested in the Metal Gear series or intelligent hack and slash games, do not pass up a chance to play this exciting and addicting hybrid.

IGN - 8.5 / 10
Despite its best efforts, developer Platinum Games sometimes gets in the way of its own pace -- especially for those who aren’t into the franchise. However, Rising’s troubles are rarely enough to derail the incredible momentum of an always-entertaining, action-oriented Metal Gear spinoff. Whether or not you have ever enjoyed Metal Gear, this is a must for anyone who appreciates melee-combat. It’s simple, fast, and clean.

Sticky Trigger - 8.5 / 10
Stylish design, flawless visual and audio direction and tons of high-octane action; that’s Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance in a nutshell. Some great concepts that are nicely executed keep this game fun and interesting, and with the good story to complement the gameplay, Revengeance is a solid package that’s hard to fault.

Xbox360Achievements.org - 85 / 100
Platinum Games knows this hack 'n' slash schtick inside out, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is no exception, drawing upon the developer's experience within the genre. While it's no Bayonetta, Raiden's bloodsoaked outing is a superb action title and one that well deserves a place within the Metal Gear legacy. Fancy a slash? Very much so, yes.

Comics & Gaming Magazine - 80 / 100
These criticisms aside, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is an interesting, alternative take on the MGS world. The combat is fast and fun, the pacing is excellent, and there are enough nods to MGS that veterans of the series will feel right at home. Some difficulty spikes and a short campaign may mar the overall value of the game, but it’s worth owning for action fans disappointed by Devil May Cry’s style over substance.

EGM - 8 / 10
SUMMARY: After a protracted development process, Platinum Games and Kojima Productions have made good on their promise to make Raiden an acrobatic, ***-kicking action hero. It’s an enjoyable, fast-paced thrill ride, but given the track record of these two titans of Japanese game development, you can’t help but think that Rising isn’t quite all it could’ve been.

GiantBomb - 4 / 5
Even with that in mind, I found Metal Gear Rising to be a thrilling and engaging experience. The swordplay is fun, and it's really fascinating to see the different spots where either Kojima's or Platinum's signature styles shine through. It also has a wild final confrontation that shows elements of both, doling out some heavy-handed political preaching while also putting a man-sized ninja cyborg up against... well, something way crazier (and dirty-mouthed) than a man-sized ninja cyborg. If you're a value-minded individual that doesn't tend to replay games, Metal Gear Rising will only make you angry. But if seeing the state of the post-MGS4 world while slicing your way through everything that gets in your way sounds like a good time, well, that's because it is.

Hardcore Gamer - 4 / 5
Using the “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” methodology, Metal Gear Rising marks the culmination of two great studios finally coming together, and much like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, the result is devilishly delicious. Rising represents some of the most fluid and enjoyable combat mechanics to grace a modern action game, presented in a manner so over-the-top that it’s hard not to laugh hysterically at the sheer ridiculousness of the affairs. Featuring a story better than a hack ’n’ slash ought to have, fleshed out with hours of Codec conversations, it wholeheartedly deserves the “Metal Gear” moniker. Even with the game’s brevity and blisteringly difficulty working against it, it remains a respectable entry into both the Kojima Productions and Platinum Games canon, forever rendering Raiden as “Jack the Ripper”.

The Koalition - 80 / 100
Summary: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance has everything going against it. New developers, an all new way to play a Metal Gear game, no Snake, and more. Despite all that, Metal Gear Rising manages to entertain with its over-the-top hack and slash gameplay mechanics and the outrageousness of the story.

Press Start - 4 / 5
Metal Gear Rising feels like a polished experience from start to finish. The framerate being 60fps for the entire game is a feat that the developers should be proud of. There are a few hiccups but this doesn’t take away from the satisfaction that you will get from the combat and that most will get from the story. I would recommend that even gamers who aren’t fans of the series, still pick it up as this is something that has never been done in a Metal Gear game before. You will get a lot of replay value out of this in the form of MUCH harder difficulties and VR missions.

Rocket Chainsaw - 8 / 10
But from the exciting highs of rapidly countering a verocious boss to a thumping, vocal driven rock soundtrack, to the simple, graceful act of effortlessly dismembering a lowly solider to feast on his gooey insides, like Bayonetta and Vanquish before it Rising goes beyond the norm to ensure the experience of play is nothing short of exhilarating. And if the specific challenge based VR missions and host of unlockable swords and costumes don’t have you going back for more, the alluring thrill of mastering this cyborg ninja’s adventure surely will.

GameInformer - 7.75 / 10
I’m a longtime Metal Gear fan, and Bayonetta is one of my favorite games of this generation, so I was elated when Konami and Platinum Games announced their partnership for Revengeance. However, this title isn’t Bayonetta wearing a Metal Gear skin; whether you are hoping for a meaningful expansion of the Metal Gear universe or a gratifying action experience, Revengeance falls short. Brutalizing cyborgs and hacking giant mechs to pieces is fun, but the restrictive design and lack of precision keep Raiden from capturing the best of both worlds.

Dusty Cartridge - 7.5 / 10
Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is a highly flawed though ultimately enjoyable ride with gaming’s most androgynous cyborg ninja. It lacks the polish of its major competitors, DmC and God of War, but still offers a worthwhile experience. If you’re a fan of the genre it’s worth a look.

Games Radar - 4 / 5
The collaborative efforts of Platinum Games and Kojima Productions culminate in an absurdly exciting action game grounded in the Metal Gear universe. Revengeance is unapologetic in the way it indulges your greatest power fantasies, often doing so with such a grandiose display of style that you'll be unable to wipe that ever-present smile from your face. It's fast, flashy, and fun--and it's easy to excuse Revengeance's hiccups when even the simplest battles rival the best cutscenes in any previous Metal Gear.

EDGE - 7 / 10
Platinum is a victim of its own success: its games will forever be compared to Bayonetta, and that’s a standard few can match, although it’s one to which the studio should always aspire. But while Rising’s combat is hugely satisfying to experiment with, and a sight to behold when played well, it’s undermined by technical issues and a singleplayer campaign that peters out just as you think it’s getting going. There’s replay value here, and for Platinum’s most devoted fans it won’t matter if the game is five or 50 hours long, but others will, rightly, feel a little short-changed.

OXM UK - 7 / 10
All this can be ignored, but it's symptomatic of bigger problems. Platinum and Konami are different beasts. One takes a single combat system and mines it deep, the other throws everything at a game and sees what sticks. Here, the latter throws the former off. We get flamboyant combat, but it plays out in Metal Gear's drab world of offices and factories. We get great boss encounters, but they're bookended by minutes of droning on about war economies. A tale of child cyborgs and stolen brains is right up Platinum's street, so why not let it handle the telling?

It's brief, too, with the final zandatsu delivered after just six hours. Yes, there are VR missions to unlock, novelty items to buy and battle rankings to ace, but it still feels lean. And the last hour makes you tackle a previous level in reverse, fight an inexplicably easy boss, and sneak through a warehouse before enduring a final boss fight sapped of pacing by waffly cutscenes. But then you grumble through the credits, hop back into the game, chop a man's shins off, and all is right again.

There's a great game in Revengeance, buried under the rubble of a previous franchise collapse. With a little less zatsu and a little more dan, Platinum Games could be on to something.

GameRanx - 3 / 5
Even the secondary weapons that you acquire throughout the story, out of all three of them, only one is actually any use in battle, and that’s the first one. Couple this with the half-baked visuals, some combat and traversal irritations and a completion time of four and a half hours and you’ll start to see why I chose the score I did.

After the initial playthrough, you could always go back and try it on hard, if you wanted more longevity, or you could complete the VR missions that are available from the menu and found within the story, but personally, I found these to be quite bland.

I didn’t find the game completely devoid of enjoyment, but I do find it hard to recommend a game that you will only enjoy for five hours and isn’t as polished as it should be. So I’ll end it like this: become Raiden, wait for the inevitable price cut before you take it home.

Rev3Games - 3 / 5 *Reviewer didn't understand the time / clock*
Revengeance is definitely worth grabbing while it's on sale or renting for a weekend. I had a lot of fun, I just honestly wish there was twice as much of it.

1UP - B
At its worst, Metal Gear Rising Revengeance has the feeling of a rescued project; the parts that don't belong stand out as the remnants of Kojima Productions' original vision (whatever that was), and the game doesn't feature the laser-precision focus on core mechanics found in other Platinum productions like Bayonetta and Vanquish. But while the fighting system relies on the same slow-mo mode used by Platinum since Viewtiful Joe, Revengeance still offers an exceptional and rewarding set of mechanics to master, and a fighting system that feels original in its execution. Revengeance isn't Platinum at the top of their game; it's the studio making the best of a bad situation -- even so, a troubled Platinum production still has plenty to offer.

Penny Arcade Report - Unscored
In other words, while fun, Revengeance isn’t a terribly deep action game. It’s a simple, almost hypnotic rhythm of button mash, Blade Mode, rinse, repeat. You don’t juggle enemies or toss them into each other, you don’t have to deal with different enemies by using different strategies, you just beat the crap out of everyone and everything until you can make use of Blade Mode and absorb their energy cells.


JeuxVideo.fr - 8 / 10
GameKult - 7 / 10
JeuxVideo.com - 16 / 20


MeriStation - 8.9
Vandal - 8.3


Ninemsn - 8/10
Ready Up - 6/10
Metal Arcade - 9/10
TerminalGamer - 8/10
WGTC - 8/10
Gameranx - 6/10
Laserlemming - 9/10
GamerXChange - 8/10
MKGaming - 7/10
TGH - 9/10
CheatCC - 8/10
GameInformer - 7.75/10
Gamedot - 9/10
Game Podunk - 9/10
MMGN - 7.5/10

gamesTM - 9/10
GamePro Germany- 85%
Dengeki - 85/90/100/90
Famitsu - 9/10/10/10
Play UK - 91%
OPM UK - 7/10

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In PG we Trust :> >:d

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In Raiden We Trust :x
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اگه این بار هم خوب از آب در بیاد دیگه هیچ شکی در اینکه Platinum games تو این سبک بهترینه ندارم !
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قدم اول رو که به خوبی برداشت در حالی که کوجیما کارگردان این عنوان نیست...
ببینیم بقیه چه نظری در باب MGRR خواهند داشت.. .

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