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کاربر سایت
Apr 8, 2008

Developer: Arkane Lyon
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks
Genre: FPS, Action-Adventure
Platforms: PC, PlayStation 5
Release Date: September 14

امتیازات ثبت شده:
NME 10/10
IGN 10/10
Gamespot 10/10
Gamebyte 10/10
PC GamesN 10/10
Imoulse Gamer 10/10
VG247 10/10
Player2 10/10
PSU 10/10
The Gamer 10/10
The Sixthaxis 10/10
VGC 10/10
ZTGD 9.5/10
God Is a Geek 9.5/10
PlayStation Lifestyle 9.5/10
Gameninformer 9/10
Wellplayed 9/10
PC Invasion 9/10
Gamer.no 9/10
GRYOnline.pl 9/10
Bazicenter 9/10
Windows Central 9/10
Hardcore Gamer 9/10
XGN 9/10
Hey poor player 9/10
Hobby Consoles 9/10
Multiplayer.it 9/10
Press Start 9/10
Shacknews 9/10
Tierragamer 9/10
Areajugones 9/10
Attack of the fanboy 9/10
Ausgamers 9/10
IGN Italia 9/10
Game pro 9/10
Gamerant 9/10
Gamesradar 9/10
MGG Spain 9/10
The Games Machine 9/10
Malditosnerds 9/10
CaroleQuintaine 9/10
COGConnected 9/10
Comicbook 9/10
Destructoid 9/10
Android Central 9/10
Games.ch 8.9/10
Noisy pixel 8.5/10
Stevivor 8.5/10
True gaming 8.5/10
Vandal 8.5/10
CG Magazine 8.5/10
Spaziogames 8.2/10
Everyeye.it 8.2/10
Easy Allies 8/10
We got this covered 8/10
Inverse 8/10
Gameblog.fr 8/10
Jeuxvideo 8/10
Shindig 8/10
Checkpoint gaming 8/10
Push Square 8/10
Games.cz 8/10
IGN France 8/10
Gaming Bible 8/10
Eurogamer.it 8/10
Gamemag 8/10
Gamingtrend 8/10
Millenium 7.5/10
Gamingbolt 7/10
Metro 7/10
Screenrant 7/10
Game pressure 7/10
Gamers Heroes 6/10

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ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
PCMag 80
Deathloop’s mind-bending time mechanic, captivating art style, open-ended gameplay, and colorful cast of characters create a captivating shooter experience that you shouldn’t miss.
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Vgames 95
Rich in detail and brilliantly designed, Deathloop brings new life into a familiar story trope. It's polished game mechanics help Deathloop remain intriguing and challenging at all times, which makes it a paramount addition to the new PS5 game library.
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GamesBeat 100
Deathloop is one of the best games of the year — at least from what I’ve played so far. And I say that as someone who has previously recognized the quality of Arkane games while struggling to enjoy them. But with this game, French team Arkane Lyon used some smart tricks to amplify its strengths. And the result is a special experience that has broader appeal than some other Arkane projects.
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Softpedia 70
Deathloop is far from being the sum of my worst fears, but it went into a direction that does turn it into a mixed experience. There are some good ideas in the game, but repetition kills most of the fun. Still, it is not a bad game. If you have the patience to put together the story you will find it quite appealing, the level design is as brilliant as ever, but on the other hand the maps are really small, and the combat system is half baked. Overall if you expect another Prey or Dishonored you will be disappointed, but if you are looking for an action game that is quirky and different you might have fun with it.
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Game Revolution 80
Unfortunately, the weak recon missions made too easy by the lack of challenge from AI enemies, the small number of maps that are quickly mastered, and the limited variety in gameplay burdened by uninspired upgrades, ultimately prevent Deathloop from reaching the highest of highs. With online multiplayer enabled and embraced, however, it becomes easier to overlook the weak points and Deathloop comes out on the other side as a compelling lesson in how intimate multiplayer can greatly enhance the single-player formula.

IGN Portugal 90
Deathloop is yet another clear example of Arkane's potential, with the studio refining its Prey and Dishonored formula, injecting it with a massive dose of style, creating a game that overflows with confidence and creativity. Deathloop’s mix of genres and flawless execution makes it one of the strongest candidates for best game of 2021, burying any doubts about Arkane's talent.
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GameWatcher 80
Deathloop turns both succeeding and failing into learning experiences and never makes you miss the lack of a quicksave option. It’s a mean feat that sets it apart from other games, and one of several reasons why it should be on the list of any immersive sim fans out there. It might not be Arkane’s best game and Blackreef may struggle clearly defining a personality for itself, but it’s certainly no stranger to great moments.




ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
Slant Magazine 70
Deathloop brings a considerable measure of liveliness to the by now moth-eaten concept of the time loop.
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GameCritics 70
In the end, Deathloop is a pretty decent ride with a fantastic sense of style and a lot of freedom for players to experience Colt’s story as they see fit. However, the overall experience is shaken by a surprising amount of bugs, braindead enemy artificial intelligence, lackluster PVP and by-design repetition as Colt works to piece together the mystery of Blackreef. I largely enjoyed my time, though I was very ready for Colt’s day to end as I neared the campaign’s finale, and it’s unlikely I’ll be looping back into the game for more any time soon.
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PlayStation Country 80
Deathloop offers a fun, time bending romp. The story is intriguing and the characters, butterfly effects and abilities are the strong points only hampered by a lot of repetition and the odd technical hitch.
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Washington Post 70
I never felt any urgency to break the time loop since everyone in the world — even Colt — is pretty blithe about going through the motions from one loop to the next. Alas, I find it difficult to imagine anyone who isn’t partial to video game tropes loving Deathloop. Unless you’re particularly drawn to its vibe, it’s a shooter with good mechanics but not much more than that.
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Cubed3 90
It seems that repetition is winning the day, so if at first you don't succeed try try again. The complexities and permutations in Deathloop are initially overwhelming and confusing, the intro attempts to explain so much by way of plot, mechanics and characterisation in a very short space of time. However, work past this point and the fun begins, with a sense of exploration and an arsenal of weapons and attacks making combat feel very rewarding. The story, despite at times being told through messages and text is well voiced acted, despite the incessant need to swear. Pulling off stealth kills or killing one of the eight main characters after figuring out how to infiltrate their plans makes players feel they have outwitted their computer counterpart. If there was one title to buy on PlayStation 5 right now that is truly next gen, then make sure Deathloop is at the top of that list.
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Hooked Gamers 97
With a game that has players re-living the day on multiple occasions, you’d be forgiven for thinking that it would become stale. But each day plays differently as you learn clues to the visionaries and their daily patterns. And even though the Eternalists inhabit the same locations when you visit at the same time period, the skills and weapons you have acquired and imbued with Residuum allows gamers to play each section in a completely different manner. Whether you want to play a stealthy style game and methodically take out your enemies as you uncover the island’s mysteries, or blast you way through groups of Eternalists, Deathloop allows you to do so. But no matter which style you choose, it is so satisfying once you finally close the loop.
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Ragequit.gr 82
Deathloop is a welcome breath of fresh air for all fans of titles like Deux Ex, Dishonored or even Bioshock or Splinter Cell. It may in no way match the top games of the genre in terms of quality, but it still offers immersive sim entertainment and keeps the genre in the spotlight.
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New Game Network 80
Deathloop is able to break the cycle of repetitive AI encounters and uneven performance thanks to an interesting story, strong characters, and enticing exploration.
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MMORPG.com 90
Deathloop is one of the best games to hit in 2021. It’s confident, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and it combines what makes Arkane games great – and makes it better.
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ناظم انجمن
Feb 22, 2011
Edge به بازی 90 داده و هیشکی اینجا نزاشته ؟

Edge Magazine 90
At the beginning of the game, and every morning since, Colt wakes up with a single objective: break the loop. But we're increasingly starting to sympathize with Juliana. Why would you want to do that, when there's still so much to play around with? [Issue#364, p.98]

PLAY! Zine 90
Deathloop is another proof that Arkane knows its immersive sim stuff. Despite the disappointing AI and some serious PC port issues, it still is one of the most fun experiences you can afford yourself this year and a breath of fresh air in the industry.


کاربر سایت
Aug 25, 2020
این بازیو با دی ال سی mooncrasher مقایسه کرده!درصورتی که خود کارگردان بازی توی مصاحبه گفته تیم سازنده این دوتا کاملا باهم فرق داشتن و از شباهت این بازیا بهم بیخبر بوده.
این نقدش اصلا قبول ندارم.
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کاربر سایت
Feb 12, 2019
این بازیو با دی ال سی mooncrasher مقایسه کرده!درصورتی که خود کارگردان بازی توی مصاحبه گفته تیم سازنده این دوتا کاملا باهم فرق داشتن و از شباهت این بازیا بهم بیخبر بوده.
این نقدش اصلا قبول ندارم.
پری رو کلا ارکین آستین ساخت و دث‌لوپ رو ارکین لیون.
این ۲ تا تقریبا ربطی به هم ندارن حتی موقع معرفی بازی هم جداگونه مینویسه ارکین آستین یا آرکین لیون
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Jul 18, 2011
این بازیو با دی ال سی mooncrasher مقایسه کرده!درصورتی که خود کارگردان بازی توی مصاحبه گفته تیم سازنده این دوتا کاملا باهم فرق داشتن و از شباهت این بازیا بهم بیخبر بوده.
این نقدش اصلا قبول ندارم.
حالا اینکه تیم سازنده فرق داشتن درسته ولی از شباهت بیخبر بودن نه خیلی :D
هرچند کلا جدا هستن ولی کلا تیمای بتزدا همبستگی شدیدی دارن و تو کارا کمک هم میکنن. چه بسا دو تیم آرکین! حتی lead های اینور بعضا QA تستر اونور هستن و برعکس.

من نقدشو دیدم و با توجه به اینکه هنوز نتونستم Deathloop رو بازی کنم، بنظرم یسری از مواردی که میگفت خیلی منطقی بود. بیشتر با دید یک فن آرکین بازیو نگاه کرده که بازی تو پیاده سازی المان های ایمرسیو سیم خیلی سطحی تر از بازیای قبلیشون بوده.

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