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Apr 14, 2006


شماره‌ی جدید مجله‌ی لهستانی CD-Action حاوی اولین Reviewی Crysis 3 بود. در یک نقد 8 صفحه‌ای مجله به بازی نمره‌ی 9 رو اعطا کرد.

جزییات از نقد:

Gameplay 9/10
Video 10/10
Audio 8/10
Overall 9/10

interesting info:
-it takes 5h to complete game in normal mode with sidemissions

-don't skip the credits sth. cool about it or after it
-probably driveble tank
-ending doesn't exclude future dlc
-last two levels are really big
-facial animations better done than in LA Noire

-This is not only Crytek's best work and the most beautiful PC title to date but also a wonderful good-bye to the current generation of platforms. Crysis finally found its place among Call of Duty, Battlefield and Halo, taking some of their best bits but at the same time
remaining distinct enough to be worth your time. You should definitely at least see it. - CD-Action 03/2013, p.44
Crysis 3 Critic Reviews for PC - Metacritic

Gamereactor.dk - 8/10
Gamerfuzion.com - 9/10
nydailynews.com - 5/5
Polygon - 7/10
Eurogamer - 7/10
IGN - 8.5
Edge - 6/10
CVG - 8.5
Destructoid - 7.5
Kotaku - NO
Gamespy - 4/5
GameInformer - 8.5
Gametrailers - 9.0
Gamespot - 7.5
GameStar - 9.2/10
PC Games (Germany) - 9.1/10
PC Gamer - 8.1/10
Multiplayer.it - 9/10
IGN Italia - 8.5/10
GamesBeat - 8.5/10
Official Xbox Magazine - 8.5/10
Digital Spy - 8/10
Joystiq - 8/10
GamesRadar - 7/10
VideoGamer - 6/10
OPM UK - 8/10

GameInformer - 8.5
Crysis 3’s evolutionary enhancements don’t move the needle for the series very far, but the core nanosuit-based gameplay is still thrilling. If you have a rig that can run the PC version of Crysis 3, I strongly recommend you go this route. The high-resolution textures, realistic lighting, and detailed facial animations gives you a taste of the graphical fidelity we expect to be standard in next-generation consoles.

Gamespy - 4/5
Crysis 3 is a self-assured but largely unambitious game, content to refine the experience of the previous games in the series without deviating very far from the standard that they set. It takes itself a bit more seriously than its plot probably warrants, sure, and it willfully throws out references to games that are far more memorable than it ultimately winds up being, but to its credit, it seems quite comfortable to focus on execution rather than the revolution that the first Crysis shot for. Considering that it delivers a fun, polished experience, it's hard to fault it for that.

Kotaku - NO
Lovely graphics aside, Crysis 3 is a mostly mediocre shooter in which fancy visuals faintly disguise haphazard design and a lack of technical polish.

Destructoid - 7.5
Crysis 3 attempts to strike a balance between Crysis and Crysis 2, but in doing so manages to lose a little bit of what made each game appealing. The result is a title that doesn't truly match the open-ended excitement of the first game nor the revelatory empowerment of the second, yet manages to provide enough of both to at least tantalize, even if it doesn't completely satisfy. Solo play is shorter than previous installments and not as enjoyable, but multiplayer goes some way toward apologizing for it by stepping up its game and providing a gripping new experience in Hunter mode. This is a game that feels like the very essence of a "third installment" -- Familiar to the point of looking overplayed, but nonetheless refined and suffering no lack of quality.

And hell, even if it does feel a touch too powerful, that big damn bow is hard not to love.
Read more at http://www.destructoid.com/review-cr...fRMEFu6K18X.99

Polygon - 7/10 (aegis is the author)
Crysis 3 has a strong foundation, but never seems to ask for much from the player
That might be the thing that stands out the most to me about my time with Crysis 3. I enjoyed myself despite how much of a step backward the entire game feels from its predecessors. It's a beautiful game with jaw-dropping production values. But it took me a few hours to realize how empty Crysis 3 feels. The best thing I can manage to say about it is this: It didn't get in my way. But I would have had more fun if Crysis 3 had put up a fight.

IGN - 8.5
Crysis 3 is a polished iteration on the previous Crysis titles. Its campaign mode features some much needed soul beneath the sci-fi sheen, which gives a sense of purpose to all the killing that has been previously absent from the series. While its multiplayer mode isn’t quite strong enough to tear you away from the genre leaders for long, it at least provides enough of its own flavour to present a worthy alternative.

It’s not quite a next generation experience come early, but it’s a superbly controlled, tightly paced and tactically flexible shooter with a satisfyingly focussed story, and an excellent way to tie up the Crysis series... for now.

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Return of the King
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Jun 6, 2007
خیلی بدم میاد وقتی Embargo نقدها روز عرضه بازی یا یه روز قبلش برداشته میشه :| :D مثل آدم بزارید یه هفته قبل از عرضه بازی، این سوسول بازی ها دیگه چیه آخه :D

Saeed Gamer

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Sep 4, 2010
امیدوارم این به سرنوشت بازی های اخیری که روز عرضه Embargo رو برداشتن دچار نشه!! نمیدونم چرا اکثرا بازی هایی که روز عرضه اجازه انتشار نقد ها رو میدن، با امتیازات پایینی روبرو میشن.


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Aug 20, 2011
به نظرم این کار بعضی ناشر ها نشون میده که از موفقیت کارشون مطمن نیستن و میگن اگه گند زد بهتره همزمان عرضه بازی باشه نه قبلش:D

Grey Warden

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Sep 13, 2006
خیلی بدم میاد وقتی Embargo نقدها روز عرضه بازی یا یه روز قبلش برداشته میشه :| :D مثل آدم بزارید یه هفته قبل از عرضه بازی، این سوسول بازی ها دیگه چیه آخه :D

فقط EA این کارا رو میکنه که نقدا روزه عرضه بیرون بیاد!!
این داستان واسه Dead Space 3 و MOH W هم بود یادتون باشه!!
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Dec 5, 2007
خوبه. وقتی اون تو 8 ساعت تموم کرده، من یحتمل 20 ساعتی میکشه تمومش کنم:D
با Crysis باید حال (یه چیز دیگه هم میشه گفت که جاش نیست:D) کرد:D


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Mar 9, 2011
خوب یک نفر که تو NeoGAF بازی رو تموم کرده، تامینگش حدود 8 ساعت بوده.

NeoGAF - View Single Post - Crysis 3 |OT| 1. Nomad / 1.5 Psycho / 2. ??? / 3. Prophet

مشخص بود طولانی تره تو فروم crydev هم بازی ها گفتن تا 5 مرحله از بازی رو رفتن که حدود 6 ساعت طول کشیده کاملا مشخص بود طولانی تره بازی :)

پ.ن: مرسی بهروز >:d<

خوبه. وقتی اون تو 8 ساعت تموم کرده، من یحتمل 20 ساعتی میکشه تمومش کنم:D
با Crysis باید حال (یه چیز دیگه هم میشه گفت که جاش نیست:D) کرد:D

اره خدایی منم همین حدود طول میکشه تمومش کنم باد وجب به وجب محیط رو بگردم خوشم میاد بعضی ها مثل شما این بازی رو درک میکنن :D :)


خدمت دوستان عزیز هم عرض کنم بخش مولتی بازی توسط استدیوی Crytek uk ساخته میشه و بخش تکنفره هم توسط hq اصلی کرایتک تو آلمان

بتای بازی بیشتر از 3 میلیون بار دانلود شده و اکثر نظرات نسبت بهش مثبت بوده پیش فروش بازی هم نسبت به نسخه قبلی خیلی بهتر بوده

یه سری مشکلات در رابطه با بخش مولتی بازی بوده که mike read تو آخرین مصاحبه اش گفت که تمام این مشکلات رفع شده

مطمئنی؟ طبق سایت metacritic تا انتشار رسمی 23 ساعت مونده.

درست میگید شرمنده پستم ناقص رفت نتمم همون لحظه قطع شد :|
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