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    Playstation Vs Xbox [قوانین پست اول خوانده‌ شود]

    اصلا نمیخوام وارد بحث ترول و این چیزا بشم فقط خواستم راجع به آمار فروش این دو تا کنسول بگم که با توجه به اطلاعاتی که از چند تا از فروشگاه های معتبر پایتخت و چند شهر دیگه(اصفهان،رشت،اهواز و...)توسط چند تا از آشنایان به دست آوردم به طور میانگین نسبت فروش پلی استیشن 5 به ایکس باکس در این شهر ها...
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    برترین فرانچایز صنعت بازی های ویدیویی از نگاه کاربران بازی سنتر (نظرسنجی اضافه شد)

    1.Grand Theft Auto 2.God of War 3.Red Dead Redemption 4.Gears Of War 5.Tomb Raider 6.Assassin's Creed 7.Uncharted 8.Halo 9.Forza 10.Rayman Honorable mention:Crash,Resident Evil,Batman Arkham,Call of duty,Watch Dogs
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    امتیازات Outriders

    Digital Chumps:90 Forbes:90 GameSpot:80 Shacknews:80 IGN Italia:80 Trusted Reviews:80 Guardian:80 GamingBolt:80 SomosXbox:80 Game Revolution:75 IGN France:70 Windows Central:70 EGM:60
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    امتیازات Outriders

    Game Informer:90 Press Start Australia:83 GAMES.CH:83 Pure Xbox:80 SpazioGames:73 JeuxActu:70 PC Gamer:63
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    برترین ساندترک های صنعت بازی های ویدیویی از نگاه کاربران بازی سنتر

    بدون هیچ رتبه بندی: GTA IV Theme song God of war ascension-Warrior's Truthکه در واقع الهام گرفته از همون شاهکار The vengeful spartaan هستش. Halo main theme Red dead redemption 2 -Unshaken God of war III Overture Main theme
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    Xbox Game Studios

    New SoT news: Most players and concurrent users since launch this month QoL update Feb 18th More live events during the seasons Split teams big feature and live event teams SoT team size is the biggest it's ever been Festival of Fishing next event New Charity Sails - Sails of Hope - support...
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    Xbox Series X | S

    Square-Enix says it doesn't have the resources to make an #Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix: An Xbox port isn't coming for Final Fantasy XIV
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    Atomix:75 IGN Italia:72 JeuxActu:65 XGN:50 Game Rant:50 Digital Trends:40
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    Video Chums:71 GamingBolt:70 PlayStation LifeStyle:65 Vandal:65 Destructoid:65 Wccftech:65 MGG Spain:60 Metro GameCentral:50 Twinfinite:50
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    IGN:60 Destruction AllStars can provide fun bursts of frantic car combat action, but never adds up to much more than that. TheSixthAxis:60
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    DualShockers:75 Hobby Consolas:75 Push Square:60 Eurogamer:No Recommendation / Blank In desperate need of depth and content, Destruction AllStars is at least a fun whiz around the corner.
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    امتیازات The Medium

    Digital Chumps:83 Some random good points I noted were the music, which worked nicely to add to the atmosphere. Great voice-acting and writing, excellent graphics, so an all-in-all solid presentation that deserves a hat tip. Great checkpointing, a nice mixture of puzzles and exploration, and a...
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    امتیازات The Medium

    Power Unlimited:66 More than an allegoric hodgepodge, but not by much. The Medium offers an interesting, layered mystery with a lot of beauty, character and atmosphere, but fails to be wholly entertaining. The gameplay is often too simple to be fun, due to some rather tedious trial & error...
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    Daily Star:80 GamePro Germany:78 Critical Hit:75 Millenium:70 VGC:40
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