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    در جریان کنفرانس نینتندو در E3 2018 بازی Super Mario Party با محوریت ارائه گیم پلی چندنفره رونمایی شد.
    رویداد نینتندو در ای تری 2018 از دقایقی پیش کار خود را آغاز کرده است و در یکی از جدیدترین محصولات معرفی شده از سوی این شرکت برای کنسول سوییچ، شاهد رونمایی از ماریو پارتی بودیم که اثری به‌شدت جذاب با محوریت حالت‌های بازی مختلف و چندنفره است و پاییز امسال در اختیار بازیکنان قرار خواهد گرفت.
    همانطور که در تریلر بازی هم کاملا مشهود است، تمرکز بازی کاملا روی ارائه یک گیم‌پلی چندنفره و شدیدا سرگرم‌کننده است و قطعا می‌تواند لحظات فوق‌العاده‌ای را در جمع دوستان‌تان برای شما فراهم کند. در این اثر شاهد بازی‌های مختلفی با تم‌ها و سبک‌های رقابتی گوناگون هستیم که هر کدام گیم‌پلی منحصربه‌فردی دارند. این بازی در پنج اکتبر 2018 منتشر می شود

    Super Mario Party reverts to the traditional way of playing Mario Party, where four players take turns to navigate around a linear board dictated by how much they have rolled through the Dice Block, though a few boards are played in a nonlinear grid-like fashion similar to Toad Scramble from Mario Party: Star Rush. When a character lands on a space, they receive effects dependent on what the space is. They can also spend coins to buy items from Flutter which can help them or hurt other players. The game borrows the ally mechanics from Mario Party: Star Rush where players can increase their team of characters by collecting party members who spawn throughout the board or by earning them by landing on Ally Spaces or using a Buddy Phone; allies gained from there are decided by a roulette.

    The overall goal of the game is to purchase the most Stars from Toadette, who serves as the host of the Star Space in this game. Stars cost 10 coins to buy, and after a player has purchased the Star, Toadette warps to another location of the board.

    Super Mario Party introduces the choice of using character specific die prior to rolling, where players can either opt for the standard 1-6 Dice Block or the character's unique Dice Block, which carries pros and cons associated with it. If the player has partners, they hit a weaker variant of the Dice Block that adds up alongside the leader character's dice roll amount.

    Minigames are played, selected by a roulette, at the end of every turn, and the type of minigame is determined by the spaces players landed on. If all players land on the same-colored space as each other, a Free-for-all minigame is played. If one player lands on a different, non-green space than the rest of the players, a 1-vs-3 minigame is played, where players who land on the same-colored space are placed in the same team as each other. If players land on an equal amount of non-green spaces, a 2-vs-2 minigame is played, teamed up depending on the color. If players land on a Green Space, the color is randomly determined to be either blue or red. Prior to playing the minigame, players view the rules and can practice; each minigame comes with its own rules and controls. Whichever player wins the minigame earns the most coins, while players who do not perform as well earn less coins.

    The game can be played with one Joy-Con. The game is also compatible with local wireless play.
    These are the game modes confirmed for Super Mario Party so far.

    • Party Mode: A traditional four-player battle royale where each player competes for the most Stars.
    • Partner Party: Similar to party mode, except two players team up against one another. They can combine their dice rolls together, similarly to the team mechanics from Mario Party 7, but teammates can move independently, like in the other Mario Party games from the Hudson Soft era.[10] However, certain mechanics from Mario Party: Star Rush return, such as the grid-based board layout and the ability to stomp on opponents when passing by to take a coin.[11]
    • Toad's Rec Room: This mode takes advantage of the Nintendo Switch's local wireless features and the ability to create a multi-screen environment. Requires two Nintendo Switch consoles and two copies of the game to play this mode.[12]
    • River Survival: A co-op-based mode where four players paddle an inflatable boat to the finish before time runs out. The timer can be increased by playing co-op minigames and collecting + Clocks.[13][14]
    • Sound Stage: A mode in which players play rhythm-based minigames back-to-back while trying to get the highest score.[15]
    • Challenge Road: A one-player mode where the player plays minigames while trying to complete various challenges.[15]
    • Online Mario-thon: The online mode of the game, where players compete in five randomly selected minigames for a high score. Online leaderboards and a ranking system with rewards are confirmed.
    • Minigames: Play unlocked minigames and various other game modes.
      • Mariothon: Compete in a cup tournament and win the most minigames
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